Guaranteed equal healthcare access for all Americans. Our Constitution guarantees equal protection under the law, and we should guarantee equal access to healthcare for all Americans as well.

Healthcare makes up 20% of our economy and it’s important we fight for access to quality care and services as a natural right of all Americans. We are also very critical of the insurance-based model now in place.

Every American, every human, is going to get sick. It’s not an accident or bad luck. It’s a factual reality of human existence. Insurance is for things that might happen, not for things that we know will happen. Insurance coverage, by definition, is a contract whereby one party undertakes to indemnify or guarantee another against loss if a specified circumstance exists. Things like car accidents, premature death, and personal loss of physical functioning are all circumstances that most people will never encounter and make sense to pay a small amount over time to protect against a possible tragedy.  Paying someone a reasonable price to protect against those low probability losses seems like a reasonable option. Paying, so there are profits to a third party to protect against circumstances we know will happen, is wasteful.

Furthermore, it’s important to remember that many of the advancements in healthcare over the last century have been made by public institutions (colleges, military, etc.). That means every taxpaying American has had a part in supporting our growing knowledge base and medical technology.

Mental health might be the most pressing problem affecting Americans as an ongoing public health and safety issue. It impacts our economy, healthcare costs, crime and violence, and people feeling happy and successful.

What’s the difference between waiting 3 months in America to see a doctor for a knee replacement, or waiting in Canada?

The problem isn’t President Obama, Obamacare, the Affordable Healthcare Act, President Trump, or insurance company greed. Although all the above protect the status quo they aren’t responsible for the rising costs, diminished access, and decreasing quality of our overall care. Americans don’t need more research and polls to understand how this negatively impacts our lives.

Free markets and competition are the foundation of capitalism and advancement. If there is not entrepreneurial engagement and investment, the energy and conditions for optimal growth and development is impeded.

Project details

  • Plank 1: Universal Access
  • Plank 2: Mental Health
  • Plank 3: Dental Care
  • Plank 4: Veteran Healthcare

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