Energy & Resources

The first thing taught in economics 101 and science 101 is that the Earth has limited resources. That necessarily means some of the important resources we rely on for survival and sustaining our current quality of life, at some point, can and will run out!  This isn’t voodoo science or a conspiracy. It is the facts as we have understood them for centuries. We know this based on the many species and resources that have either died off or been used up.

We believe part of the protection mechanism our government must cultivate is to regulate the over use and exploitation of our dwindling natural resources, and consider the ways the environment could supplement or cause destruction and massive casualties through conditions such as pollution, CO2 emissions, storm surge and natural ocean rise, and even asteroid collision. Can we really make a difference? No one knows for sure. But we think it is important to try and make adjustments in our thinking and spending when the smartest among us tell us it important. These are Americans who have devoted their lives to protecting the air we breathe and the water we drink. We have seen firsthand that unchecked some municipalities, individuals and businesses, will exploit the environment and risk the future and health of others for personal profit and gain.

American Syndicate is always concerned about the negative impact over-regulation can have on freedom and liberty, free trade, infringements on the advancement of research, development, entrepreneurial expansion, and technology—we have concerns how over-regulation will stifle growth and prosperity and the harmful effects this will have on our safety and long-term security.

Importantly, it is obvious that whoever learns how to harness an energy which is efficient and safe, and from a sustained or renewable resource (like the sun), it will catapult those advanced nations to world leaders. These countries will lead economically and likely militarily.

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