Education is the window to a brighter future for all Americans. Learning and understanding is central to our American democracy and has had the goal of creating an excellent public education for every child. If we want to continue being the world’s most powerful society, and have the foundation to create peace and freedom for the future in America and around the world, and continue our prosperous trajectory, we must focus on education and Equal Access

The future of the American middle class and JOBS depends on the education and educational system that teaches and supports our children through adulthood. It’s no longer enough to have great educational opportunities for our children. Everything from technology to manufacturing is changing so rapidly, and we know from experience, a lifelong educational priority, that also offers adults an affordable high-quality educational experience that will allow for economic and employment mobility and growth, is imperative if we want to compete over the long run.

To move forward a global economy dictates that we provide affordable access to the educational system after high school. We must build curriculum that meets the needs of future industries and trade.

Alternative education from special programs for disabled kiddos, to technical and vocational programs, organized as public schools, private schools, and a combination of both created as partnerships to forward the education and growth of every young American. Charter schools have played an important role in experimenting with new ideas and organizations of education. We must encourage new efforts to improve educational outcomes and enhance accessibility to high quality education for every American, while also supporting growth and change within the vital public-school system.

There is a lot of research and many published theories and practices supporting current educational curriculum, extra-curricular activities, classroom management styles, and individual learning styles. Still there are huge academics gaps and problems underlying many of our schools, and educational system. American Syndicate will be engaged in supporting better relationships between stakeholders. The teacher/student relationship being our primary focus. One of the reasons education in the U.S. has faltered is because the lack of real respect, support and relationship between teachers and students. Most students feel teachers are there to control and impose, instead of support and create an environment of interest and learning.

Project details

  • Plank 1: Equal Access
  • Plank 2: Affordability
  • Plank 3: New World Economy
  • Plank 4: Alternative Degrees

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